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What temperatures can cable ties withstand?

Have you ever wondered what temperatures cable ties can withstand? Operating temperatures can vary depending on the material. We will tell you the minimum and maximum operating temperatures for the cable ties in our assortment. And we will also explain the terms heat-resistant and fire-resistant.

Table of Contents

Cable tie material Minimum temperature Maximum temperature Flammability rating
PA 6.6 - 40 °C + 85 °C UL 94 V-2
UV PA 6.6 - 40 °C + 85 °C UL 94 V-2
Stainless steel 1.4301 - 80 °C + 300 °C fire-resistant

What does heat-resistant mean?

Heat resistance describes the property of a material not to lose or change its functionality and material properties even at high temperatures. Heat-resistant materials, therefore, only reach their melting point at very high temperatures.
Heat resistance is compromised, for example, when the material bends, melts, ignites, burns or produces toxic fumes. Heat-resistant materials are of essential importance, especially in fire protection and protection against lightning.

What operating temperatures can plastic cable ties withstand?

In most cases, plastic cable ties are made of polyamide PA 6.6 or UV PA 6.6. They will withstand temperatures of -40 °C to +85 °C. On our FAQ page about the correct storage of cable ties, you will find important details to consider before using cable ties.

Our plastic cable ties made of polyamide 6.6 and UV 6.6 have a UL 94 V-2 flammability rating. The company UL Solutions has developed its own measurement method for determining flammability classifications and had it certified. You can also find more detailed information on the UL 94 V-2 flammability rating at UL Solutions under Combustion Tests for Plastics.

What operating temperatures can stainless steel cable ties withstand?

Our stainless steel cable ties are made of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301. They are characterised, in particular, by their high heat resistance. They will withstand temperatures from -80 °C to +300 °C and are therefore considered fireproof.

Please also read our warnings on handling cable ties.