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Cable tie life hacks

Originally developed in the 1950s to bundle cable installations in aviation, cable ties can do so much more. Today, it is hard to imagine any industry and everyday life without them. It is surprising to see what fasteners can be used for. Let yourself be inspired by our practical cable tie life hacks and tricks.

Cable installation with a difference

Cable ties are not only suitable for the typical bundling of cables. Cable ties can also be used to run cables along a wall or separate individual cables to give you a clear overview of the installation.

With our cable ties, you can:
Cable routing on the wall with cable ties

Attach cables or conduits to the wall.
Cable tie attached to wooden surface with staple gun

Create cable routing on wooden surfaces by securing them with a staple gun.
Cable tracks separated with several cable ties

Lay cable tracks with horizontally and vertically applied cable ties.
Cable tie as threading aid for wires

Use cable ties as bundling and threading aid for cables or wires in pipes.

Cable ties for tradespeople

In the workshop, cable ties are suitable for many purposes.

The following hacks are qbendo-tested:
Cable tie tied around drill bit

For consistent depth of drilled holes: a cable tie as a spacer on the drill bit.
Cable tie fastened around pipe as a marking aid

Use cable ties to cleanly and precisely mark pipes and other round objects.
Cable ties hold paint brush securely above the table surface

Create a simple brush holder with cable ties and prevent paint stains on surfaces.
Cable tie as wall plug substitute in a drilled hole

Use cable ties as a substitute for wall plugs to securely hold screws in the wall.
Aerosol straw attached to a spray can with a cable tie

Use cable ties to make a holder for the aerosol straw on a spray can.

Cable ties in the office

In addition to cable installation or organisation, cable ties can also be used for many other projects in the office.
Cable tie with bevelled tail wrapped around adhesive tape roll

Attach a cable tie to an adhesive tape roll. The pointed tail helps with a clean cut.
Documents bound with cable ties

Use cable ties as binder rings to bundle documents.
Power strip hung on wall hooks with cable ties

Hang a power strip with cable ties and create office flexibility.
Cable tie as key ring replacement

Use a cable tie as key ring replacement and group keys together.

Cable ties in everyday life

Zip ties offer a quick solution to common everyday problems.

We have put together the following tips for you:
Use cable ties to clean drains

Use notched cable ties to clear clogged drains.
Two pens tied together with cable ties and placed around a tube

Two pens tied together with cable ties help to empty tubes evenly.
Cable tie as a pull tab of a zip fastener

Simply replace the missing pull tab of a zip fastener with a cable tie.
Two cable ties as a temporary belt, threaded through belt loops

Two cable ties can serve as a temporary belt for pants that are too loose.
Cable ties replacing shoelace on a trainer

Simply replace shoelaces with one cable tie per pair of holes.
A bag securely closed with cable ties

Securely close a bag/suitcase with cable ties to protect against theft and unintentional opening.
Cable ties looped around mobile phone as a stand

Mount two cable ties on the mobile phone as a stand. Leave the tie ends for more stability.
Cable tie installed on a spoon handle

Create a spoon stop hook with a cable tie and prevent small spoons from submerging.
Curtain hung with cable ties instead of curtain rings

Simply replace missing curtain rings with colour-coordinated cable ties.
Several clothes hangers linked with cable ties

Link several hangers with cable ties and save space when hanging clothing.
Cable tie wrapped around camera lens

Use cable ties as an accessory to adjust and hold camera settings.
Homemade torch holder with cable ties

Make your own torch holder with cable ties.
Impact protection attached to a railing or trampoline with cable ties

Install impact protection on a trampoline or railing with cable ties.
Tool hung on a cable tie loop

Use cable ties as a loop for hanging tools.
Charging cable protected with cable ties

Stabilise and protect a charging cable with several cable ties.

Cable ties for on the go

Secure your luggage with zip ties or use them for various cycling purposes.

We will show you how to:
Bicycle basket attached to luggage rack with cable ties

Securely attach a bicycle basket to the luggage rack with cable ties.
Use cable ties to attach a water bottle to the outside of your backpack for easy access.

Use cable ties to attach a water bottle to the outside of your backpack for easy access.
Install cable ties around bicycle tires

Install cable ties around bicycle tires for more grip on slippery or wet roads.

Arts and crafts with cable ties

Cable ties are even suitable for arts and crafts, and true works of art can be conceived with functional fasteners.

Get creative with our tips below:
Burlap bag tied off with cable ties

Tie off garments with cable ties before dyeing for a tie-dye effect.
Tiara made of cable ties

Create a cosplay tiara from cable ties and embellish it with decorative elements.
Cable tie with thread strand through the locking head serving as threading aid

Use cable ties as a threading aid for needlework involving thread or yarn.

You can find important information on handling cable ties in the safety tips for using cable ties.