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Welcome to the online shop of qbendo! We are your competent partner for cable ties and accessories. Premium quality ensures that the cable ties from qbendo meet the highest demands. The plastic cable ties, in particular, provide a secure hold with their 4-tooth head design, while rounded edges guarantee an installation-friendly application. As a result, our cable ties hold more reliably than standard cable ties and are more comfortable to use.

Benefit from our dedicated customer service, ready to answer any questions you may have. We will resolve your concern in the shortest time possible so that you purchase the perfect cable ties for your project. Thanks to fast and reliable shipping, you will soon receive your order. With qbendo, you have a competent partner for cable ties by your side.

Advantages of cable ties

Cable ties, also known as zip ties, have become an integral part of our lives. Be it at work or around the home, these practical accessories offer numerous advantages:

  • Strong and durable: The cable ties from qbendo will reliably hold what you install. At qbendo, you can buy the right cable ties made of sturdy and high-quality materials for many applications.
  • Easy to use: Cable ties are incredibly easy to use, even without special tools. Thanks to this user-friendliness, you can quickly install even large numbers of cable ties.
  • Versatile: It is well-known that cable ties can be used to neatly bundle cables, hoses or pipes. Thanks to cable ties, bundled items are held securely together. In addition, cable ties can be utilised to hang all kinds of things, such as posters, tarpaulins or protective netting. Cable ties are also popular for life hacks.
  • Inexpensive: Cable ties are an affordable solution to install cables, pipes, etc. either temporarily or permanently. Since you can generally buy cable ties in large numbers from qbendo, you can take advantage of low unit prices.

Popular cable ties at qbendo

Plastic cable ties

The most commonly used cable ties by far are Plastic cable ties. Because of their popularity, they are even known as standard cable ties. At qbendo, these cable ties are available in various colours.

Stainless steel cable ties

If you need particularly sturdy and durable cable ties, then Stainless steel cable ties are the right choice. These cable ties can withstand temperatures of up to + 300 °C, and they are corrosion-resistant. This makes stainless steel cable ties perfect for outdoor use.

Metal tongue cable ties Ty-Rap

Ty-Rap cable ties are premium cable ties with corrosion-resistant metal tooth lock. The perfect cable fastening choice when the cable tie needs to withstand vibration or movement.

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Choosing the right cable tie

Not all cable ties are created equal. Choosing the right cable tie for cable fastening depends on various factors. Consider, among others, the following aspects:

Tensile strength: If you utilise cable ties to hold heavier loads, then strong zip ties are needed. Stainless steel cable ties, for example, have a particularly high tensile strength.

Length: Cable ties come in many different lengths. Before you buy, measure the diameter of the items to be bundled to make sure you select cable ties of sufficient length. If you are unsure, purchase cable ties that are slightly longer. You can cut off any excess material after the installation.

Installation site: When buying cable ties, it is crucial to consider whether you want to use them indoors or maybe outdoors for an extended period of time. Outside, the cable ties are exposed to the weather. Over time, UV rays, heat, frost, humidity and moisture will have a negative effect on conventional plastic cable ties. As a result, cable ties can become brittle, lose tensile strength or rip. If you want to use cable ties outdoors, we recommend UV-resistant cable ties or Stainless steel cable ties.

You can find additional information in our Cable tie guide to help you choose the right cable tie.